The time has come friends! Introducing our New Year’s festival celebration ‘Bush Magik’🪄

This year’s theme pays homage to the beauty and enchantment of this great land, while celebrating the connection between the Australian bush and the magikal forces that have shaped the landscapes of ourselves and each other as LGBTQ+ people.

Bush Magik is a return to our grassroots & rhizomes, a festival for up to 2000 people, consisting of three dance parties across the 30th (Camp party), 31st (NYE party) & the 1st (Recovery party), our renowned Cabaret (NYE) the crooked ‘Next Day Cabaret’ (NYD) as well as an arts & cultural program with panels, workshops & activities happening throughout. Camping is available from 27th-4th for up to 1000 people.

✨General release tickets launch FRIDAY SEPT 8th at 11:11am🔮✨

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This event will take place on unceded Widjabul Wia-bal country in the Bundjalung Nation.

Illustrations by the talented Emily @emikahiart on Insta


Jingi Walla…let’s remember our grass roots, and how we came to be gathering on

sacred Widjabul-Wia-bal country.