Erif Benham Memorial Land Fund: A home at the end of the rainbow

The Tropical Fruits Inc has come of age and is in the process of looking to secure a permanent home for the future of our LGBTIQ community. Since 1988 the Tropical Fruits has tirelessly partied and frou-frou'd, celebrating our diversity with pride.

Following the wishes of our membership, Tropical Fruits established the Erif Benham Memorial Land Fund in 2009, dedicated to the memory of our beautiful sister, past president, mother and friend, Erif Benham. For nearly a decade Erif worked tirelessly towards nuturing, strengthening and securing Fruits for current and future generations. It was her dream to see Tropical Fruits purchase land in the Northern Rivers, a permanent base from which the club could grow.

Since the establishment of this fund, Tropical Fruits has devoted 5% of its annual net profit towards the Erif Benham Memorial Fund. Buoyed with donations from the membership and profit from fundraising events (such as the annual Fruitopia Fairy Day) the land fund is healthy and doing well.

In 2011, Tropical Fruits purchased 'The Fruitbowl' with the aim of using it as a stepping stone until we can purchase our dream home! The proposed "LGBTIQ community centre" would be in the form of a multi-purpose venue which would house performance and party space, meeting rooms, clubhouse, sculpture garden, frou-frou workshop and storage.

The Land Fund is actively seeking donations to help us go down the yellow brick road towards this dream!

We need your help to get us there. Donation can be made at all Tropical Fruits events, through the post, in person at the Fruitbowl or by direct debit.

Contact us to make your contribution.

When you wish upon a star...